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I get asked a lot... "What is a Twitter party?" A Twitter Party is an hour long party during which a blogger (or company) will ask questions or chat on their twitter wall. By interacting and answering questions using a hashtag, you have the chance to win all sorts of amazing prizes. I've seen my friends win so many great things! Here's a few of them off the top of my head a stove, a freezer, $500 VISAs $1,000 to HomeDepot (a fan won that attending his very first party!) just read the comments Read more [...]

I was lucky enough to live in Hawaii right out of high school and stayed there for 5 years with my parents. There is something that I have to admit we are lacking in terms of Super Bowl parties up here in Canada. THE COMMERCIALS and the crazy arrays of endless food. There is no party like a US Marine Corps party for Super Bowl. I had a lot of friends in all branches of the military when I lived down there so come #SuperBowlSunday everyone found a house to gather at. All branches of the military Read more [...]

Easy Jerk Chicken with Vegetables on Rice I just made this up one day when I was sitting at home and didn't want to cook but wanted something healthy so I raided my firdge for some veggies that I love. You could add anything you like into this! You will need tin foil to wrap it all up in. Double the foil place the ingredients in the middle and fold it into a packet when full. Chicken breast (As many as you have people to feed) Cut up your favorite veggies (Some ideas, baby corn, peppers of Read more [...]

Jerk Chili Pulled Pork Sliders One of the easiest recipes I make and the kids LOVE them! Ingredients 1 or 2 Pork Tenderloins 1/4 cup Graces Jerk Marinade 1 can of prepared Chili 1 can of crushed tomatoes 2 tbls chili powder 1 tbsp garlic powder Salt & pepper to taste Red & Green pepper added near the end Put in a slow cooker and cook on high for 6 hours. (Or low for 8 hours)   I make these great homemade rolls to put it on, top with Franks Red Read more [...]

Snap by Groupon offers CASH BACK on the healthy items you are buying every week. So why not CASH IN? Take advantage of the healthy way to save on your groceries. It may not seem much $0.25 here $.50 there. But it does add up fast. There is also another way to earn REAL money thru this easy to use iphone & android app. Let your friends know about it by sharing it on Facebook or Twitter, you will get $1 in your account every time your friend downloads this FREE smartphone app. If they don't Read more [...]

I've been wanting to try Tu-bees ever since they come across my news feed on Facebook . The idea for Tubees started in 2007 when an 11 year old girl named Nicole, just wanted to buy a horse. By July 2008 the 12 year old girl started her own company with her sister Jessica and mom Gaye putting favored honey in tubes. Otis the family dog is chief of security. For over a year I watched my friends win prizes from Tu-bees on Facebook and always wanted to try some but could never find them in my Read more [...]

I found this hilarious list of Canadian slang words on ww.playbuzz.com/ I got 18 out of 20, but I've never called underground parking a parkade and I haven't watch Trailer Park Boys in a while to remember their slang. Take the quiz and let us know what you get! Read more [...]

Recently on The Ellen Show she featured Mason, a 27 year old man, who left working on Wall Street to open his own pizzeria. Rosa's Fresh Pizza in down town Philadelphia is unlike any other. What makes his pizza place stand out from all the rest are walls full of POST IT NOTES! Click on the photo above to be directed to their Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/RosasFreshPizza say Thank you to Mason for all that he does. When someone comes in to buy a slice of pizza they are given the Read more [...]

This video actually made me cry. I love being Canadian and it's our right to Toboggan in Canada! Ancaster, Ontario singer Laura Cole and family friend Mike McCurlie created this great song about how they feel about the ban on tobogganing in Hamilton, Ontario. It conveys all my feelings about the situation perfectly! You haven't lived here long enough if you don't know at least 10 people who have broken something while playing in the snow during their childhood. I believe that these laws are just Read more [...]

I may not look like the type of person to have a lot of tattoos. I was an insurance broker for 12 years, a graphic designer in Hawaii, a tax recovery specialist... I've always worked in an office. Until the past 3 years when my hip displaysia and scoliosis finally caught up to me. I also suffer from Fibromyalgia, arthritis and acute tendentious.  I just couldn't do office work anymore. When I was younger I got a lot of Tattoos, 10 of them to be honest. They didn't mean too much, just pictures Read more [...]

This photo has recently surfaced again. It truly is the best Canadian Puck Chucker backyard that I have ever seen. I looked back and found this post on the construction of the rink. Please visit http://mirtle.blogspot.ca/2007/02/ultimate-oilers-backyard-rink.html to see more photos. Read more [...]
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