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I get asked a lot... "What is a Twitter party?" A Twitter party is a half hour or one hour time frame where a company or blogger will ask questions or chat on their twitter feed. You can win all sorts of prizes. I've seen my friends win nail polish, sun tan lotion and spa prize packages, lots of food, small appliances, I've even had a friend win a stove! They are fun to do and you can speak directly to celebrities sometimes lol "What do you do at a Twitter Party?" Well the general rule Read more [...]

Here is what Jeff Foxworthy has to say about Canadians, during a recent appearance at Caesars in Windsor : If someone in a Home Depot store Offers you assistance and they don't work there, You may live in Canada . (haha YUP, I've experienced this) If you've worn shorts and a parka at the same time, You may live in Canada . (Ok I'm not that crazy lol I'm way too cold all the time for that one) If you've had a lengthy telephone conversation With someone who dialed a wrong number, You Read more [...]

#StrictlyBuytopia Twitter Party Sunday Nov 30 8:00 pm EST BEFORE you purchase ANYTHING online, be sure to check out ebates.ca first. They offer CASH BACK on thousands of on-line retailers including Buytopia.ca! ebates.ca will give you 6% CASH BACK on any purchase you make on Buytopia.ca. Here's how to get your FREE MONEY from shopping online. Sign up for Buytopia.ca first, take a look around at all their great deals Close that window for Buytopia.ca fully. Go to ebates.ca and Read more [...]

#StrictlyFieldAgent Twitter Party EVENT ID: SCCCTwitterParty (please enter this when downloading the app) THE FIRST APP THAT PAYS YOU WHILE YOU SHOP! DATE: Thursday December 4th, 2014 7:00pm EST   FieldAgent is a really neat app that will PAY YOU to walk into a store, take a photo of a display and answer a few questions. They open up different "Jobs" all the time. I've seen free coffee at Tim Hortons, display surveys for all the major grocery stores and even gas stations. You always Read more [...]

LocalSavings.ca is different then other coupon sites. Why you may ask? Because they offer FREE VOUCHERS for you to print off. You then take the voucher and go to the location that you purchased the voucher for and you get the discounted rate! You spend little or no money upfront for the coupon, so if you don't use it no big deal! #StrictlyLocalSavings Twitter Party Information: Open to residents of Ontario only DATE: Wednesday December 3rd, 2014 TIME: 8:00-9:00 pm EST PRIZES: Grand Read more [...]

BzzAgent is a great site to answer a few questions and get in on #BzzCampaigns to have FREE PRODUCTS sent right to your home. You get to test them out and let others know what you think of them.   So far this past month I have gotten a FREE BOX of Clairol's Nice and Easy hair dye. I also answered a few questions in the campaign section about toothpaste So I got in on the deal and will be getting a FREE box of the new Crest Sensi-Relief Toothpaste and OralB toothbrush! Come check Read more [...]

Canadians take over the American National Anthem during a Leafs game earlier this year. The microphone stopped working in the middle of the artists rendition of the American anthem. We didn't miss a beat and just started singing it for her. Wonder what would have happened in the states if the Canadian anthem stopped playing? Do you think they would take over and sing it like we did for them? Love begin Canadian! Read more [...]

Written By Christine from Mom & Pops Business Cents My heart goes out to Eli the Pig and the Kropp Family. I confess that I may be a bit biased. I am the owner of a wonderful pig myself named Arnold. Arnold is a mini pig unlike Eli who is a pot bellied pig. Arnold has made me laugh so many times and has a very unique personality. He sleeps with our cats, especially our cat Hunter! They are the best of friends and as Forest Gump would say "they are like Peas and Carrots". Treated Read more [...]

25 Things Food banks need but never ask for. It's not just about cans anymore... I'd love to see full shelves at a food bank like the one in this photo, but it just doesn't happen in every town in this great nation of ours without your help! I keep seeing this list about 10 things food banks need but never ask for. Honestly I thought the list was way too shortl! So I wanted to add to it. I'd really like for people to think before they just grab that can of pineapple or beans... with Read more [...]

Welcome to the #Cause4PawsTO Fundraiser & Giveaway Cause 4 Paws  is a not for profit organization that is located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They work with animal rescuers across the globe and close to home to bring animals to loving homes. Once they have rescued an animal, they work closely with the families to make sure the placement has been a success. They follow up regularly and make sure they are in their forever loving home.  Cause4PawsTO Read more [...]

Don't know what to do with all those junk emails you get? I usually get anywhere from 100-400 emails a day. I used to just delete them...but not anymore! I found this company that will send you VISA cards in the mail, just for forwarding your JUNK EMAILS to them. (I have a friend making $60 a month with this program!) Click on any photo to be directed to their website, to learn more please read below! Welcome to http://www.sbkcenter.com/ . When you go to the website click on the Consumers button. You Read more [...]
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